Whats on the menu

Ciabatta garlic bread (V) $9.90

Warm Pretzel with butter (V) $9.90

Crispy camembert, with cranberry relish (V) $14.90

Crispy Mushrooms with blue cheese dip (V) $14.50

Paprika, Garlic marinade chicken wings with blue cheese dip and
hot chilli sauce (GFO) $15.50

Traditional Hungarian Goulash with logon Roll $15.00

Sausage taster,mustard and rye bread (GFO)$15.90

Cold cuts and cheese plate with beetroot chutney, pickles,
rye bread and crackers (GFO) $15.90

Tasting Plate – selection of our entrée to share $49.50

House Specialties

Schweinshaxe – serves 2
Crispy roast pork knuckle, sauerkraut, pan fried potatoes, red cabbage, German mustard, apple sauce and creamy green peppercorn sauce (GFO)


The Ring – serves 2
1 Kg Nurenberger bratwurst ring or Cheese Kransky ring, sauerkraut, pan fried potatoes, red cabbage, German mustard, apple sauce and creamy pepper sauce (GFO)


1KG char grilled Rump – serves 2
Served with house coleslaw, fries, creamy pepper or mushroom sauce



Duckstein sausage grill, Nurenberger bratwurst, cheese kransky,
hot chilli debreziner, sauerkraut, pan fried potatoes, grilled tomato,
mushroom , black pudding and German mustard $35.90

Brewers pan – kassler chop, bratwurst ring, sauerkraut, pan fried potatoes and
German mustard (V) $35.90

Dunkel braised Pork riblets with fries, house coleslaw and
Smokey BBQ sauce $34.90

Grilled smoked cheese Kransky with sauerkraut,
pan fried and beer onion gravy (GFO) $27.90

Berlin currywurst, smoked bratwursts, German curry ketchup,
fries and sauerkraut (GFO) $27.90

mains cont…

Herb crumbed chicken or veal schnitzel, fries and salad,
potato salad and salad, fries and red cabbage, potato salad and red cabbage,
with mushroom or pepper sauce $32.00

Camembert and leak tart, salad,
cranberry sauce and balsamic glaze (V) $26.90

Classic Chicken Caesar Salad $27.90

Lemon and Herb marinade chicken breast with coleslaw, Potato Salad or Fries,
and Aioli sauce (GFO) $29.90

German Spätzle egg pasta with, fresh herbs, cream cheese,
crispy paprika onion and side salad (V) $24.90


Fries, with aioli and ketchup (V) (GFO) $9.90
Pan fried potatoes with bacon and onion (GFO) $9.90
German potato salad $8.00
Rye bread and butter $6.00
Sauerkraut or red cabbage $6.00
House garden salad $6.00

For The Little Ones

Crumbed Chicken
Crispy battered fish
German sausage
All served with fries, salad, tomato sauce and ice-cream as desert



Apple strudel, with vanilla sauce ice cream $11.90

Black Forest gateau with ice-cream $11.90

See specials board or wait staff for daily special.
Please order food and drinks at the main counter and bar
(Our menu items may contain traces of nuts, gluten and dairy)
10% surcharge applies on public holidays

balanced, crisp, with a refreshing hop charachter under ridden by accents of malt

pale, spicy yet fruity, lightly hopped with hints of clove, vanilla and banana

nutty, toasty and chocolate tones with a rich malt flavour

sturdy, yet clean and crisp with malt charachters

please ask staff for the brewers seasonal drop
(prices may vary)

Large 450ml $12
Regular 250mls $8
a taste of all beers (5 x110mls) $12
RADDLER shandy R$6/L$10
GRAPEFRUIT BEER 2.5% 330mls $8


Whites G$8.50 B$34
Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Reds G$8.50 B$34
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Merlot


Katlenburger Strawberry G$8.50 B$34
Katlenburger Mango G$8.50 B$34
Duckstein Classic Sparkling G$8.5 B$34
Schnapps cocktail jar (Mango or Strawberry) $15
Spritzer – Schnapps and lemonade (apple or peach)
single $9 double $15

Soft Drinks

Lemonade, Solo, Sunkist, Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Ginger Beer, LLB, Soda Water, Apple or Orange juice
R$4.50 L$6

Coffee & Tea

English Breakfast Tea $3.50
Green Tea $3.50
Expresso $3.50
Iced Coffee (with ice cream) $6.50
Iced Chocolate (with ice cream) $6.50
Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino, Mocha, Hot Chocolate
R $4.00 L $4.50 (add $0.50 if you want soy or almond milk)

Brewers Pan
kassler pork chop, bratwurst ring, sauerkraut, red cabbage, pan-fried potato & German mustard

Berlin Currywurst
Neurenberger Bratwursts, sauerkraut, fries & German curry ketchup

Chicken Schnitzel
fries, salad & Creamy Mushroom sauce

Crispy roast Pork Knuckle
pan fried potato, sauerkraut, red cabbage, pickles & peppercorn sauce

Selection of meat and vegetarian pizza slices’s | $45

(2 ppl sharing)
$60 pp includes 3 large beers
$50 pp include 2 large beers

Steak Sandwich, bacon, cheese, tomato chutney, and salad leaves, served with fries.

Garlic, lemon and herb grilled chicken sandwich, with cheese, cos lettuce, tomato, and aioli, served with fries.

Sausage sandwich, Nuerenberger bratwurst, cheese, beer onions, sour cream and curry ketchup, served with fries.

$30 pp | with a regular beer included
$34 pp | with a large beer included (Minimum of 20 people)

Brewers Plate
Artisan cured / smoked meats, cheese selection, breads, crackers, pickles, mustard and relish | $65

Pies and sausage rolls
Mini assorted pies & sausage rolls | $45

Mini schnitzels
Herb crumbed Veal and chicken with creamy mushroom sauce | $55

Bruschetta with parmesan, herb garlic bread and dips | $35

Selection of meat and vegetarian pizza slices’s | $45

Platters serve 8 people
All platters to be ordered a week in advance with a 25% deposit required,
full payment required a 5 days prior

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