Whats on the menu
Steak Sandwich, bacon, cheese, tomato chutney, and salad leaves, served with fries.

Garlic, lemon and herb grilled chicken sandwich, with cheese, cos lettuce, tomato, and aioli, served with fries.

Sausage sandwich, Nuerenberger bratwurst, cheese, beer onions, sour cream and curry ketchup, served with fries.

$30 pp | with a regular beer included
$34 pp | with a large beer included (Minimum of 20 people)

Brewers Plate
Artisan cured / smoked meats, cheese selection, breads, crackers, pickles, mustard and relish | $65

Pies and sausage rolls
Mini assorted pies & sausage rolls | $45

Mini schnitzels
Herb crumbed Veal and chicken with creamy mushroom sauce | $55

Bruschetta with parmesan, herb garlic bread and dips | $35

Selection of meat and vegetarian pizza slices’s | $45

Platters serve 8 people
All platters to be ordered a week in advance with a 25% deposit required,
full payment required a 5 days prior

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